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My Music

The reason I like country music is because it's really the only music the relates to the way I feel most of the time. Below is information on a few of my favorite artists.

Terri Clark-click here to hear "No Fear"
(photo credit Sherri Moore 8/21/2000
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Terri Clark

In a world of Barbie dolls, schoolgirls, Stepford wives, sirens and sanitized-for-your-protection sex symbols, Terri Clark is a flesh-n-blood woman. She's the kind of real life gal who'll buy you a beer, let you cry on her shoulder and be the first one to give you a whoop and a high 5 when your ship comes in, your ex moves on, or that last obstacle is cleared. Terri Clark knows it's how you do it that defines one's place in the world - and for the three-time, and reigning, Canadian Country Music Association Fans' Choice Entertainer of the Year, doing it with everything you've got is where the rubber meets the road.


Toby Keith-Click here to hear "Beer for my Horses"
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Toby Keith

Since his 1993 debut single, "Should’ve Been a Cowboy," the Oklahoma native has racked up his share of mainstream success, both on radio and in record stores. He’s scored six #1 Country hits (including "Cowboy") and earned nominations for Grammy, ACM and CMA awards. Still, Keith has always taken a maverick approach to his career and his music, never yielding to the "do it the Nashville way" philosophy of some Music City execs. Instead, Keith has steadfastly set his own pace, following his own artistic vision and finding his own place in the country music echelon. "Just gut feeling - I don’t know any other way to do things," he says of his career outlook. The result of heeding these instincts? "My music life is perfect right now," the singer-songwriter declares.


Bocephus-click here to hear "A Country Boy Can Survive"
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Hank Williams Jr.
Hank Williams Jr. is a man full of energy and raw power. He sings about the way life is and the way life ought to be. He is opinionated, passionate and proud, independent and irreverent. He writes the kind of songs that cut to the quick of our most basic human emotions. And his music pulls the trigger in every heart that longs to be free and uncensored, no matter what the neighbors might think.
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